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Adult, Teen and Youth categories

Youth category: 8-12 year olds

Teen category: 13-17 years old

Adult category: 18 years and up


1st place and runner up for each category.





Youth Category

- First place prize $25 cash and trophy.  Runner up will receive a trophy.

Teen Category

-First place prize $50 cash and trophy.  Runner up will receive a trophy.

Adult Category

-First place prize $100 cash and trophy.  Runner up will receive a trophy.

-First place and Runner Up from each category advance to finals and will be judged.  

-Grand Prize winner will receive $250 Cash and a trophy.


-The Cosplay Contest is open to all paid and ticketed attendees ages 8 and older.

-If you participate in this contest you agree to read and abide by all rules posted.

-Failure to not follow the rules could result in disqualification and possible expulsion.

-Youth and Teen participants may need parental consent to participate in the Cosplay Contest.

-Retro X event staff reserves the right to refuse entry and deny participation to anyone for any reason without explanation.

-By participating in the Cosplay Contest, you acknowledge and agree to be photographed, filmed, recorded, etc.  You also understand and agree that your image and likeness may be used for promotional purposes including digital and printed marketing.

-The stage is 4' wide and 16' long.


-Participant(s) will enter the stage via the steps.

-Participant(s) may cross the stage, pose, perform skit, rehearse lines, etc.

-Participant(s) will please stop in the middle of the stage for photo op.

-Participant(s) will exit the stage via the steps.



-Retro X Cosplay Contest is Rated MILD PG.  Please keep that in mind and plan your Cosplay accordingly.  

-Foul Language, nudity, obscene gestures, etc. cannot be tolerated and will lead to disqualification and possible expulsion from the event.  If your Cosplay is questionable or edgy at MILD PG, please contact an event staff member or email us before the event.  We want you to be able to express yourself and your ability, but it has to be at most a MILD PG for this event.

-The majority of your cosplay must be designed and/or crafted by you.  Please no store-bought costumes unless they've been majorly altered.

-Be respectful of other entrants, attendees, judges, and staff.  

-The Stage is a temporary stage.  it will be 16"-18" off the floor.  absolutely no running on stage.  Absolutely no jumping on or off from the stage.

-Entrants with Disabilities are welcome to provide their own handler or request assistance from Retro X staff if needed.

-Group entries are allowed.  Please keep groups to 4 individuals or less.  The size restriction is due to stage size.

-Group entries will be judged as a group.  Entrants can only participate once, either individually or in a group. 

-Skits are allowed, but we ask that they be limited to 4 minutes.

-No metal weapons, no water, no fire or pyrotechnics, no pointing guns into the crowd or at non skit group participants (if applicable).  No projectiles. 

-Have FUN.  Treat others how you want to be treated, Be supportive and respectful. 


WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE.  WE WANT TO SUPPORT YOU.  PLEASE HELP US MAKE THIS A GREAT EVENT BY FOLLOWING THE RULES.  Most of these rules are common sense, but still have to be stated.  WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU.  Please reach out with any questions. 

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